What exactly does that mean?

Simply, niche down and focus in on the perfect person who is most likely to care about your products and spend their money on you. The person who will actually IDENTIFY with your brand and CARE about what you have to say. This is your ‘Avatar’, do you know who she is?


It all starts with IDENTIFYING WHO you are talking to and thinking of them every time you write a caption, create an ad, and produce a new product.  

Once I started to build my companies on this simple truth I started seeing massive growth accumulate. Numbers, Clients, Followers, and Paying Customers.  

Who cares if Bill is following you when your content isn’t very valuable to him or your products won’t fulfill Bill’s needs? Stacey is your girl. She wants to hear what you have to say and your products actually fix her problems. Focus in on Stacey and not only will she be captivated by your content but everyone like her will find massive value in your brand as well.

This is how you strategically grow and maintain a profitable business!

What You Will Learn:

  • Who Your Avatar Is  
  • What They Need  
  • What They Value  
  • How They Think  
  • Where You Fit Into Their Lives  
  • How You Can Best Serve Them

Hi, my name is Cayla Craft and I am an ER Nurse turned Self-Made Millionaire. Years ago while working the night-shift I received numerous calls from my mom. My daughter, Charlie, was an infant at the time and wouldn’t take her bottle. She was crying on end for her mama to feed her. I remember my mother pulling into the parking lot and me sneaking away to breastfeed my daughter so she could finally get some rest. I realized then and there this couldn’t be my life, there had to be another way.  

Since then I’ve raised 3 smiley kiddos while creating multiple million dollar companies with more in the works. And guess what? I’ve set my life up to the point where MONEY CHASES ME DOWN.  

Honestly, whether you have kids yet or not, you need to learn how to implement this Attraction Method and live your life on your schedule! This way of life is not out of reach and my Free E-Book is the first step to your new life and booming businesses. 

Mommy Millionaire by Cayla Craft | Copyright 2019