I want you to stop chasing money and set up a life where money find you. 

• Yes, there is a way to make money come to you.

 • Yes, there is a way to be successful that won't constantly pull you away from your family. 

• Say goodbye to “mom guilt!” No more hours spent away from the important things while sweating to build a successful business. 


In My FREE Business Building E-Book You Will Learn:

  • Why Most Women Struggle In Business.
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  • The Mommy Millionaire Paradox: If You Want More Money, Stop Chasing It  
  • More “Hard Work & Hustle” Will NOT Get You More Money  
  • The Female Fallacy: “I Can Do This All By Myself!”  
  • The Golden Question: “How Do I Find The Right People For My Business?”  
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  • The “YOUnique Attraction Method” For Effortless Success  
  • Stanford Doctor Proves It’s Not Just Magic… It’s Science  
  • Step 1: Owning The “You Can Have It All!” Attitude  
  • Step 2: Discovering Your “YOUnique Message”  
  • Step 3: Unleashing Your “YES! Factor”  

Learning how to implement these strategies have made me a Millionaire who loves spending time with her family. Now I want to teach you! 

Hi, my name is Cayla Craft and I am an ER Nurse turned Self-Made Millionaire. Years ago while working the night-shift I received numerous calls from my mom. My daughter, Charlie, was an infant at the time and wouldn’t take her bottle. She was crying on end for her mama to feed her. I remember my mother pulling into the parking lot and me sneaking away to breastfeed my daughter so she could finally get some rest. I realized then and there this couldn’t be my life, there had to be another way.  

Since then I’ve raised 3 smiley kiddos while creating multiple million dollar companies with more in the works. And guess what? I’ve set my life up to the point where MONEY CHASES ME DOWN.  

Honestly, whether you have kids yet or not, you need to learn how to implement this Attraction Method and live your life on your schedule! This way of life is not out of reach and my Free E-Book is the first step to your new life and booming businesses. 

Mommy Millionaire by Cayla Craft | Copyright 2019